Stunning & Sophisticated Fine Art Murals


Innerchild Galleries offers limited edition unique, expressive transferable vinyl and textured wall murals. We specialize in globally curated excellence. Carefully chosen  masters of all mediums in unique and fine art. International artist who have extended rights to licensing limited edition and open edition original paintings to Innerchild Galleries for exclusive and custom designs not accessible anywhere else.  

We offer the highest quality adhesives  in a variety of textures, fabrics and finishes. Our murals come complete with simple self installation. For larger murals we offer a concierge service to assist with matching you with professionals in your area that are reputable, efficient and can complete the installation process within a timely fashion.

Innerchild Galleries allows you to bring the gallery experience into any residential or commercial space.  

Our Murals reflect a multitude of styles,  techniques, textures, and textured poetry on murals all on one site.

Innerchild Galleries is committed to producing all work and designs in the highest quality of the original. Contracted with experienced printers to ensure the most accurate replica on exceptionally durable materials to preserve the integrity and brilliance of each original. Our murals can be removed and relocated without causing damage to the underlying surface.

Innerchild Galleries murals offer the experience of the hands that painted, sketched, photographed, sculptured, painted lyrics and digital mixed media art to be delivered to your desired personal space without the inconvenience. Chose limited edition pieces from world renowned artist without interrupting the flow of your environment.  

Innerchild Galleries will present new artist catalog features monthly. Sponsor and showcase new businesses that give back to our communities and collaborations with independent artists and upcoming exhibitions.  

Innerchild Galleries, “ Where Fine art and imagination merge with interior design."

"Promising magic.”